Sunday, 8 April 2012


I haven't posted in a few days! I've been megas sick, sorry Blogger :( I hate being sick, not because of the whole sick part, but it throws my sleep schedule off so bady! I'm one of those people who sometimes, they just wander off and fall asleep. It should be cute and endearing, but when napping like that leaves me up at 6am and going to sleep with the sunrise, it's awful.

I wish I could try out that one super sleeping thing! What was it, you sleep for 15 minutes every 2 hours, or something? That sounds like it could work out, but man, having a job with that sleep schedule would be so hard...

It's nice to be up that late when there are people up who live in Australia and Europe, though! I've made a lot of friends in different countries, but I wish that I could do more in... my country... but I sleep all day because sleeping is hard.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I had a post about sleep (or lack thereof) up, but then I deleted it because instead of going to sleep like I should have,

I opened a game that a friend installed on my laptop when I went over to his house at christmas to bake about 70 cookies.

It's called Knytt, and google is telling me it's by this guy. Thanks, that guy!

Monday, 2 April 2012

On dreams and stuff.

I guess watching the food network and dreaming to be a chef is a bad thing, since it just shows how convoluted that industry is. I love cooking, I love working with food and seeing how they react with each other and with heat, and I love making people happy by eating good food, but it seems like... I don't know. I'll get flack for saying this, but it's a pretty sexist environment. Despite women always having to "get back into the kitchen", you always see professional chefs that are men. Am I not allowed in a kitchen if it's a professional kitchen? It just makes me mad. Not to mention how goddamn expensive culinary school is, only to be thrown into such a competitive world where you almost need to go on a show to get recognition. 

Jobs are hard.

A whole new wooorld except it's not new at all

I guess I should do an introduction post, just to get this thing on the road! Hello, Blogger. I'm Andrea! I'm living in Canada, at home to take care of my mother, and haven't been up to enough online lately, so I thought that I should probably get back into blogging? I used to post on livejournal (yeah I know, I can barely see through my hipster shades) almost every day, but once I got into microblogging, I just... didn't have a need to, anymore. Which has been awful for my typing to be honest, I'm sort of forcing my shift key, and it's nice to just have everything in one place, again, instead of spread out everywhere over 140 characters.

It's going to be nice, to be able to blog long thoughts about food and games and life and relationships again, I think. I'm looking forward to this!!

:3 All aboard the S.S. Blogger, I guess.